Help - Network Map in SWGFL ESI

The Network Map is a graphical tool that displays the network topology of the South West Grid for Learning network and helps to identify, predict and prepare for areas of high bandwidth contention on the network. For example, if you believe your Internet connection is slower than your bandwidth allocation allows, you can use the tool to see information for all sites that are providing a feed to other sites, and help to identify any bottlenecks

Designed for ICT administrators, senior managers, network helpdesks and Planners, the tool is designed to provide:

1) Topology Mapping - a view of the high level topology of the South West Grid for Learning Internet network;
2) Performance troubleshooting - the information provided enables you to identify areas of contention which may be affecting your overall Internet speed;
3) Historic graphs of the bandwidth contention on the Internet feed showing data for the last hour, last 24 hours, week or month.

It's also easy to use. The colour coded graphical nature of the Network Map allows you to drill down to view the sites providing feeds to other sites, providing clear navigation of the network map.

How do you find your establishment?
The Network Map displays sites in a hierarchical structure. The top layer is displayed first; this maps the SWGfL central network and the first layer of connected sites.

Navigate downwards to find your site by clicking on the sites that provide Internet connectivity to your site, directly or indirectly.

To navigate upwards through SWGfL Network Utilisation Map, simply click on the next level up.

If you cannot find your site, and you are sure that you provide Internet bandwidth to other schools, then the Full Node List will provide you with the information that you need to find your site. The Full Node List is presented in a hierarchical tree structure for ease of use. A link to the Full Node List can be found in the top right-hand corner of SWGfL Network Utilisation Map

How do you interpret the Network Map?
The Network Map has been designed to provide information that's easy to interpret.

Separate maps show all sites connected to the central site. Colour-coded lines show the upstream and downstream aggregated bandwidth that each site and connected downstream site are using.

Each coloured line indicates each feed's bandwidth usage as a percentage of total available bandwidth. When you click on a single router symbol the WAN usage of the site will be displayed graphically. These include upstream and downstream bandwidth usage for the last hour, the last 24 hours, seven days and four weeks.

Lines with high contention will be coloured red. If the feed to your site is red for a period of time, and you are experiencing connectivity problems, please contact your Local Authority, who will investigate further and discuss possible options.

If the line is coloured grey and depicting zero bandwidth utilisation this could be for two reasons:

1. The feed (or link) may be unavailable.
2. The feed is available but Network Map has been unable to collect data for your link (in this instance, Network Map will refresh in five minutes and a working map should be presented. If, after this time, the map is still depicting zero bandwidth, please contact the SWGfL Managed Service Helpdesk)