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Welcome to the SWGfL Catalogue 

We like to think of our Core Service as the essentials. We offer other optional services which you can mix and match.

  • different types of email service including RM Easymail Plus, Microsoft Live@edu, and SMTP Feed allowing you to run your own email server.
  • hosted or local filtering and monitoring from RM SafetyNet Plus and Netsweeper
  • a range of basic and advanced hosting options
  • remote data backup
  • ADSL Connectivity and ADSL Backup service

Plus coming soon we'll have a choice of top video conferencing tools and services; media streaming; caching; remote connectivity services; secure data transfer; news and time services and some other bespoke services.


The idea being that you can choose the options that work best for your needs and budget, knowing that you can change your specifications each year.


For the academic year September 2010 to August 2011 we've provided an 'equivalent service' - so that the services you had access to last year, you also have this year. Why? Because this was much lower risk than expecting 2,500 schools we provide with services to log in and tell us what they wanted.


What's more, we invite you to tell us what new products or improvements you'd like to see. We promise to be responsive.